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Client : Galadrim, Institut de l'Engagement

Duration: 1239 hours

Institut de l'Engagement

Here is Sextant, the management web application built for "l'Institut de l'Engagement".


I developed this application alongside Galadrim, as the main developer on the project.


The front-end was built with React and Redux, and the back-end with NestJS and Prisma.



The application is made of 3 major blocs:

  • applications

  • mentoring

  • administrator back-office



The Institute's mission

The Institute has the objective of supporting young people (16-25y.o.) to achieve their projects.


In some cases, they can benefit from a financial support.

To do so, they need to become *laureates".


Therefore, the Institute has to select which person can befenit from this kind of support.

This is the purpose of the applications.


Candidates registrations

In this part of the app, the user who signed in as a candidate can submit an application.

However, this is only possible on certain periods defined by the Institute itself.


They also have to ask a witness (someone around them) and a tutor (superviser during their volunteering) to fill a part of their application.


Records reviews

Once the applications are completed, they are automatically distributed to examiners, who are volunteering for the Institute.


The examiners give marks and comments to the records that have been attributed to them.


Once it is done, a first selection of the candidates occurs.


The candidates who have been refused are invited to try again on another session, or to join the mentoring if they are interested.


Oral assessments

The candidates who have passed these first evaluations then have to pass an oral assessment.


The candidates have to present their project in front of a jury composed of 5 members, which can be physical or virtual.


In the app, they are proposed to choose a date depending on their location.

One the date is fixed, they have access to the information about the appointment, and can download their convocation (which is automatically generated).


The examiners on the other hand can register to assessment days, and then access the candidates records.

They can download the records in PDF format, and one of the members of the jury - the jury president - has to fill an evaluation sheet for each candidate.


Once this phase is over, the results are automatically gathered by the Institute, which has to choose the new laureates.



The users may also join mentoring, where they will be attributed a mentor to monitor their progression.


First, the mentor and the mentee have to both pass a first phase, in which one they have to sign a cart and fill a survey to indicate their preferences/needs.


Mentors also have to go through a training. The appointments are managed with Calendly.


Once their profile is fully completed, they are put in contact by the administrator depending on their affinity.


From here, the mentor and the mentee can communicate from an integrated messaging system.


The mentor can suggest appointments to the mentee, which can be made in person, by phone call or by videoconference. In the case of the videoconference, a link is generated and shared to both of them.


Once an interview is over, the mentor and the mentee can fill a form to keep track of the progression.


During the mentorship, the administrator can follow along and intervene if a problem occurs.

The mentor and the mentee also have the possibility to ask for an interuption of the mentorship.


Administrator back-office

From this back-office the administrator can manage the users and their actions in the application.


back-office institut de l'engagement



For the applications, the admin can:

  • define the dates of the phases (filing of files, written assessments, oral assessments).

  • manage the records and their attribution

  • manage the dates and places for the oral appointments

  • manage the examiners and candidates registered to an oral appointment



The admin can put the mentors and mentees in relation.


To support them in this task, a "matching percentage" is automatically calculated for each potential pair, depending on their answers to the form they filled during their registration.


The admin can access the notes of the interviews and end the mentorship at any time.


The admin can also manage the registrations to the mentors training directly from the back-office, as well as the interruption requests for the mentorships.


Léa M.

We are really satisfied with Julien's work, very clean. Great communication as well !