Artaslie - Drawing store





Duration: 95 hours

Artaslie - Drawing store

This app was designed to allow an artist to offer her services as a cartoonist.

The users can order a personnalized drawing, as well as buying an already drawn piece in the gallery.


Order a drawing

Command types and price scales are completely under the administrator's control. (The said admin is the cartoonist).

For example, we can imagine the following offers:

  • 1 character for 5€

  • 3 character for 13€

  • 6 character for 25€


The admin is free to chose the offers she wants to make from the administration part.


Also, the client can choose whether to accept the publishing of the drawing in the gallery. In such a case, other users will have the possibility to buy this specific drawing.


Buying a drawing

Users can buy the drawing presented in the gallery.

Some of them are drawings that were made for other clients, and others are simply drawings the administrator did by herself.


To keep an interest for the user to buy a drawing, the drawings presented in the gallery have a lower resolution and are protected by an auto-generated watermark.

The good quality version is thus reserved for the custommers.



When a user orders a drawing, he is asked to give some details by filling a free text field.


This engenders the start of a discussion with the admin, in an internal messaging system.

Therefore, the administrator has the possibility to ask more information to the client, and the client can change their mind until the drawing is started.



When the order is completed, the client can make a review (a comment and a mark out of 5).



Payments are managed with Stripe, which is integrated both on the front-end and the back-end.

As a protection, the drawings and orders are only unlocked when the payment is successful.