Egyptian Tarot




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Client : Alexis L.

Duration: 120 hours

Egyptian Tarot

This app is the first part of a sales funnel.


It is possible for you to visit it. However, if you do not want to input your own information, you can simply use my email address instead:


Principle of the application

the system here is pretty linear.


First, the users come on the landing page, where they have to pick 4 card (for money, love, work and health).

The cards are shuffled every time the page is reloaded, giving a better experience.


Once they picked their cards, they have to give some information (name, emaill address and date of birth) to access next pages.


Then, they access a second page. At then end of this page, they have to choose the theme which interests them the most between between money, love, work and health.


After waiting for a loading page, they can access their prediction.

This prediction is automatically generated based on the data collected in the previous steps.

For each, a text is dynamically displayed:

  • The date of birth is used to determine the egyptian astrological sign of the users, and display an paragraph describing the specificities of their sign

  • A different text is displayed for the picked cards. Each card has a total of 4 variants (one for each theme).

  • An additional paragraph gives a complementary description for the theme chosen in the second page.


At the end of the prediction page, the users are invited to follow a link which redirects them to a selling page.


Affiliation system

With this redirection towards, the app needs to have an affiliation system to ensure compatibility with the service.


The affiliates only have to copy their code from the selling page and to paste it in the following address:[affiliation_code]

The code is then saved in the Redux store for later use.


Contacts saving

Contacts are saved on Active Campaign using their API.


Alexis L.

Very good work! Done quickly and correctly. Julien understood my expectations and applied the guidelines very well. On top of that, he anticipates possible objections even before they are formulated, so I had very few modifications to ask. For my next projects, when I need a web developer, he is definitely the first person I will call!